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How To Build Toy Train Table or Play Activity Table in 3 Hours!

Easy to Do Plans
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Brio-Thomas-Lego Compatible

When you purchase the plans you will receive a link
that will convert your measurements to inches or centimeters
if you want to make the table smaller or larger.


The train table plans are sought after by parents and grandparents worldwide! To our surprise the tables have been built by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends as a gift to their loved ones. People from United States, Canada, France, Germany, England, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia have communicated their astonishment at how easy it was to build the table.

There are over 1525 Happy How To Build Toy Train Table
Parents, Grandparents, Friends and Family!

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If you ever wanted to build
a ONE-OF-A-KIND Train Table
With these EASY to Do
HOW-TO Build Toy Train Table Plans
you can build the table in just 3 hours!!!

You will receive two plans in one . . .
1) The table plans will fit Thomas the Tank or Tumble Tree Woods table top - 32" x 48".
2) OR the plans will show you how to build and paint your own table top.

Instantly Downloadable Plans
How to Build Toy Train Table
Brio-Thomas-Lego compatible
  • You must download plans from the order confirmation form. They will not be mailed.
  • The plans are IBM compatible and instantly downloadable
    in Adobe .PDF file.
  • If you must receive them as a word document, then there will be an email address in the confirmation letter and I will email them to you within 24 hours. It usually takes a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.
  • FREE download copies of Adobe Acrobat and WinZip are also available on the confirmation form.
  • Just place your order at the bottom of this page and click on your "download choice" from the order confirmation form.


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How to Build Toy Train Table
Instantly Downloadable Brio-Thomas-Lego Compatible
Builders and Their Tables!

Image of Chris'train table plans
Chris' toy train table

Image of Mark's toy train table plans
Mark's train table

Image of Betty's toy train table plans
Betty's train table

toy train table plans
Brandi and Solomon


toy train table plans
Janet's train table


All the dimensions of the toy train table plans turned out to be right on the $$. The table is a perfect height ... Our children enjoy playing with the table and I know it will provide years of enjoyment. We convert it from trains to hot wheels cars to a jungle for dinosaurs.

Chris, Richmond, VA

The table took a short time to build and will bring years of joy to my children.

Mark from Park Ridge, IL


I finished the table in under 3 hours!!! The table that we were thinking about purchasing was not a tenth as strong as the table that you sent me plans to build. I am going to stencil my daughter's name on the outside panels along with the other decorations.
Betty Sewall
Bridgewater, MA

Thanks so much for your toy train table plans. This was definitely the way to go!!! I had priced many other tables and they were SO expensive. My son is 5, so we built ours at 20 inches, and it still turned out great. Thanks again!!!!

Brandi and Solomon
Springfield, IL

I thought you might like to see our train table.
My son loves it! It really came out great! I used Behr Disney colors and they're so vibrant. Thank you!
Janet -- Barnegat, NJ

You are purchasing
Instantly downloadable Brio-Thomas-Lego

not a finished table.
No materials are included.


These plans will show you how to build a fun,
sturdy, economical
alternative to expensive
train tables found in a store.

With the the instantly downloadable
How to Build Toy TRAIN TABLE Brio-Thomas-Lego train table plans,
it will cost cost between $30 to $80,
depending on the
quality of the materials purchased
and the pricing of materials where you live.


How to Build Toy Train Table
Instantly downloadable
Brio-Thomas-Lego train table plans testimony...
Image of Bill's table
Click on image to enlarge.
The plans are beautiful... nice job! This is so much more personal than just buying one at the store.

It came out so good I can't believe it!

Went to home depot on Saturday and got all the lumber and supplies. Had home depot pre-cut wood. Went home and actually built it in the hallway.

I didn't want my little girl to see it, but no luck in a 2 bedroom condo. As soon as she saw it, she climbed up on top of it and started jumping on the top.... the table didn't move a bit :)

If she ever outgrows it
we can use it as a bomb shelter!

Building it was therapeutic. I have no idea how long it took, I was having so much fun it didn't matter.

Thank you for designing such a great table and matching the right hardware to it. This is going to be around for a long time!

Bill M. Salle, Wilmington, NC

How to Build Toy Train Table Testimony
The plans were excellent, easy to understand
documentation. Put the table together in a little
under 2 hours. My son absolutely loves the table.
He hasn't stopped playing with his trains
on the table since I built it. Scott Lee

How to Build Toy Train Table
THE Instantly Downloadable
Brio-Thomas-Lego TRAIN TABLE Plans?
  • 49 1/2" x 33 1/2" x 17"

    • The train table is designed to fit the Thomas the Tank and Tumble Tree Wood table top
      48" x 32".

    • It is designed so you can make the height, width
      and length to your specifications.

    • or vary the materials to your taste and budget.

  • 3 hours to build and paint.
    • Have all the wood cut to size at your local home improvement center.

  • Lots of room under the table for storage and easy access
    to trains, tracks and toys.
After raising an active son who had lots of friends, we found that this is safer than pull out draws and provides easy/fast clean up. This is also true for his two sons.
  • Extremely sturdy. My 2 grandsons sit, stand, pounce on
    the table. It has proven to be indestructible!!!

for the How to Build Toy Train Table
Instantly downloadable
Brio-Thomas-Lego train table plans?

  1. Sand Paper
  2. Electric Drill of Screw Gun for drilling holes and installing screws.
  3. Tape Measurer or Yardstick
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Foam Brush


Image of Instantly downloadable Brio-Thomas-Lego train table plans Diane's table
Click on images to enlarge.

My son (3.5 years) loves the train table! It's the perfect height for him, and the raised edges are GREAT to keep all of the train toys on the table. We also really love the storage room below for his other toys. Thanks for great table plans!
Diane Veazey - Stanwood, Washington

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How to Build Toy Train Table
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Brio-Thomas-Lego train table plans

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